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Nalco Bhawan, P/1, Nayapalli,
Bhubaneswar-751 013, India
Ph: 0674 -2301988 to 2301999
Fax: 0674 -2300521/2300580
Page last modified on : Dec 09, 2016

Calcined Alumina


Nestled in Damanjodi, our refinery produces 22,75,000 tonnes of Calcined Alumina, a part of which is transported to our smelter plant at Angul for production of Aluminium metal. Further, we presently export about 10, 00,000 to 12, 00,000 tonnes of alumina per annum through our dedicated facilities in Visakhapatnam.


Physical Specifications :

LOI (300-1000 deg C):0.5 - 1%
BULK DENSITY:0.95 - 1.05 T/M 3

  Typical Maximum
+ 125 Micron - 15%
- 45 Micron 10% 12%

Chemical Specifications :

  Typical Maximum
P2O5 0.0015% 0.002 %
Na2O 0.38 % 0.50 %
Fe2O3 0.01% 0.015%
SiO2 0.012% 0.02 %
ZnO 0.0005 % 0.0008%
CaO 0.042% 0.05%
TiO2 0.0013% 0.004%
V2O5 0.0015% 0.002%
K2O 0.0015% 0.002%
Ga2O3 - 0.012%
Alumina Content 98.7% 98.5%(minimum)
  • 1. Procedure - Export of Calcined Alumina

    All our exports of Metallurgical Grade Calcined Alumina (sandy type) are on FOB ST (Spout Trimmed) Visakhapatnam Port ( India ) basis in bulk. The typical lot size per alumina shipment is 25-35,000mt.

    All exports are based on our contracts with overseas customers directly and letters of credit opened by them in our favour. The supplies are against irrevocable letter of credit (L/C), payable at sight, in US Dollars, AT THE COUNTERS OF STATE BANK OF INDIA , COMMERCIAL BRANCH, BHUBANESWAR , INDIA . The L/C must be opened in a FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL BANK acceptable to us and conforming to Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, 1993 revision, Publication no. 500 of ICC. The L/C must allow TT reimbursement within 2 working days.

    Such contracts are mainly based on tenders floated by us from time to time. The tenders are issued only to the customers registered with us & are floated either for spot or long term contracts.

  • 2. Registration - Export of Calcined Alumina

    We normally float tenders on Spot or Term contract basis for export of our Calcined alumina inviting bids only from customers registered with us.

    NALCO'S Alumina exports are on FOB ST (Spout Trimmed) Visakhapatnam Port (India) basis in bulk and are based on contracts with overseas buyer directly. The letter of credit should be opened by them in U.S.Dollars with NALCO as beneficiary payable at sight at the counters of State Bank of India, Bhubaneswar, India allowing TT reimbursement within two/ three working days. The letter of credit should be opened through a Ist class International bank acceptable to NALCO's advising / negotiating bank, which presently is State Bank of India, Bhubaneswar, India.

    Procedure for registration of a new customer for participation in Nalco's tenders for export of Metallurgical Grade Calcined Alumina (Sandy type) is as below.

    A. Eligibilty :

    Tender for Spot Contracts :

    Tender for Term Contracts :

    B. Documents Information to be furnished for Registration :

    You may courier the above details to:

    Executive Director (Marketing)
    National Aluminium Company Limited
    NALCO BHAWAN', P/1, Nayapalli,
    Bhubaneswar 751 013, Orissa, India.
    Fax: +91 674 2300 521


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