KORAPUT _________________________________________________

the wonderland of
myths, magic and minerals ___________________________________________________

Perhaps Koraput is the epitome of beauties and bounties that Orissa has in offering. Despite industrial hubbub, the district has not lost its peace and pristine glory. The flora and fauna, the art and artifacts, the relics and remnants, all speak volumes for this wonderful land of myths, magic and minerals.

In its global pursuit to achieve industrial excellence, Nalco has not lost sight of its roots. The coffee-table book on Koraput, published by Nalco to mark its silver jubilee year, is a humble testimony of its caring and sharing ways towards Orissa in general, and Koraput in particular.

With its Mines and Refinery tucked away in this remote district, Nalco is known internationally for marketing world-class products and showcasing India 's industrial capabilities. At the same time, as a responsible corporate citizen, the Company has assumed a humanitarian role, touching the lives of people around. Over the past quarter of a century, it has endeared itself not only by way of significant contributions but also through subtle expressions. One such beautiful expression is the book on Koraput. Besides visual appeal and lucid narration, perhaps this book is an expression of pride, an expression of gratitude and an expression of appreciative mind.

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