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Primary Aluminium

The Aluminium Smelter at Angul, Orissa, India has a rated capacity of 4,60,000 tonnes Per annum. We presently export Aluminium in the form of Ingots, T-Ingots, Sows, Billets etc. The primary aluminium (Ingots, T-Ingots and Sows) exported by us are London Metal Exchange (LME) registered and conforms to P1020A LME Specifications.

1. Procedure – Primary Aluminium

All our exports of Primary Aluminium metal are generally on CIF basis. Shipments are presently being effected from the ports of Visakhapatnam , Paradip and Kolkata ( Calcutta ) in the East Coast of India.

Presently, we are exporting LME Registered Primary Aluminium in the form of Standard Ingots, T-Ingots and Sows. All the above products conform to P1020A LME Specifications. Aluminium Alloy Billets of different grades are also exported. However, we may export other products also depending on production/market scenario.

We normally float tenders for export of our metal. The tenders are issued only to Customers registered with us.

One-to-One business is also done sometimes depending on the availability and market scenario. Such business is done only with Customers who are registered with us provided they have performed a contract with us through the tendering process or if the registered Customer is a manufacturer.

All exports are based on our contracts with overseas Customers directly and letters of credit opened by them in our favor. The supplies are against irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/c), payable at sight, in US Dollars, at the counters of State Bank of India , Commercial Branch, Bhubaneswar , India . The L/c must be opened in a FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL BANK acceptable to NALCO and conforming to Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, 1993 revision, Publication no. 500 of ICC. The L/c must allow TT Reimbursement within 2 Working days.

2. Registration – Primary Aluminium

We normally float tenders for export of our primary aluminium metal and invite bids, only from Customers registered with us. Only overseas Customers having sound financial and business credentials and experience in International Trading are invited to be registered with us. Overseas offices of Govt. of India undertakings are also eligible for Registration. The annual turnover of the prospective customers seeking Enlistment should not be less than USD 6.0 million or equivalent.

However Bangladesh and Nepal based customers, interested to import through road customs via Petrapole-Benapole and Raxaul Birgunj respectively by truck , the annual turnover should not be less than USD 0.5 Million or equivalent.

Customers meeting the above criteria and desirous of registration with us to participate in our tenders for export of metal, are requested to courier us the following details.

  • Name , Address , Telephone , Telefax , E-Mail for correspondence along with names of contact persons and their capacities.
  • Description about the business activities of the company .
  • In case of being represented in India by an agent , details of the agent along with due authorisation.
  • Published latest Annual Report. If such annual reports are not published , the same should be declared and a certified accounts statement may please be furnished.
  • Banker’s certificate regarding solvency & financial capability of buyer .
  • The names of first class international banks through whom letters of credit are intended to be opened.
    Bangladesh based customers, who wish to take delivery through Petrapole-Benapole by truck, should confirm that they shall open letter of credits from State Bank of India, Dhaka and Nepal based customers who wish to take delivery through Rexaul-Birgunj by truck, should confirm that they shall open letter of credits from State Bank of India, Kathmandu only.
  • Any other information / document which is felt to be relevant for registration .

Please courier the above details to:

Executive Director (Marketing)
National Aluminium Company Limited
NALCO BHAWAN’, P/1, Nayapalli,
Bhubaneswar 751 013, Orissa, India.
Fax: +91 674 2300 521