Environmental Sustainbility & Ecological Balance

NALCO has undertaken several plantation drives and has planted around 6.8 Cr saplings around its facilities and sites. So far, about seven million trees have been planted, overall. Further to this NALCO has taken avenue pla ntation along NH from Bhubaneswar to Cuttack. The company has also been undertaking various beautification projects throughout Odisha and would like to promote Bhubaneswar the capital city of Odisha as the next floral hub like Bengaluru and mark it as a green city. NALCO has also undertaken the development of Puri as an iconic city.

For its endeavour to preserve the environment and beautification of Bhubaneswar and rest of Odisha, NALCO has contributed substantially to Government of Odisha for development of Park in front of Bhubaneswar Railway Station, development of Assembly Rabindra Mandap Square, plantation around Rajarani Temple, Capital Hospital area & Children’s Park at Jajpur Road. Besides beautiful parks in NALCO townships at Angul and Damanjodi, NALCO has developed parks in various public places.

  • Mahatma Gandhi Park, Bhubaneswar : Rs. 40.70 lakh
  • Gandhi Ghat Park, Puri: Rs. 49 lakh
  • Biju Patnaik Park, Bhubaneswar : Rs. 86 lakh

NALCO has also undertaken horticultural development works inside the Odisha State Museum and development of Karanga Kata pond at Balangir.

NALCO is taking up a mass solar electrification projects in its peripheral villages. Both its offices at Bhubaneswar are having roof top solar projects.