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Special Products

In addition to the metallurgical grade of alumina and hydrate, NALCO manufactures a wide range of specialty aluminas and hydrates (Chemical Grade Aluminas or Alumina Chemicals), with controlled crystal size, purity and alpha content (incase of aluminas), to meet the requirements of refractory, ceramic and other chemical industries

The Special Grade Alumina Manufacturing Division is located within Alumina Refinery of NALCO at Damanjodi, Dist- Koraput, Orissa(India), having state-of-the-art technology. The technical know-how is from the USA and is engineered to produce world class quality products. There are two units. The Pilot Plant (600 tpy capacity) is under production and developing different grades of customised products. The Main Plant (26400 tpy capacity) is under advance stage of implementation.

Specialty Hydrates(ATH):

Specialty Hydrates are widely used as a filler material in plastic, rubber, paper, PVC, paint etc and also in manufacturing several alumina chemicals.

These are produced in different grades such as: NSPH-5, NSPH-10, NSPH-20, NSPH-25 and NSPH-30 etc. NSPH-10 is the dry, coarse hydrate. NSPH-5, 20, 25 and 30 are dry and ground hydrates of different particle sizes for different applications. NSPH-20, 25 and 30 are also available with surface coating.The detail of properties are tabulated in specification sheet/data sheet for each Spl. hydrate product.

Specialty Aluminas:

Unground aluminas, super ground aluminas and reactive aluminas of varying particle size, alpha phase content and soda content are produced as tailor made products, to meet the specific requirements of customers. The detail of properties are tabulated in specification sheet/data sheet for each Spl. alumina product. The major applications of non – metallurgical grades of alumina are in refractory and ceramics, which require higher hardness, resistance to ware and abrasion, good thermal shock resistance, chemical inertness, high mechanical strength at higher temperatures and good electrical properties. Specialty aluminas are also used in the manufacturing of fused alumina, abrasives, tiles, glass, glazes, catalyst, spark plug, insulators, porcelain, grinding media, furnace parts, kiln furnitures, shapes and castables etc.

These are produced in different grades such as: (NSPL-20, NSPL-30, NSPL-40, NSPL-50, NSPL-60,) (NSPL-100, NSPL-101, NSPL-102, NSPL-103, NSPL-104, NSPL-120, NSPL-121, NSPL-122,) (NSPL-200, NSPL-201, NSPL-202, NSPL-203, NSPL-204, NSPL-205) etc. Advanced analytical techniques, equipments with trained manpower are pressed to get quality products with consistency. Nalco Spl. Products Marketing with its Research & Development background can assist and extend the necessary technical services in selection of proper grade of Specialty Hydrate and Alumina for gainful applications and also developing tailor made products with competitive pricing.


  • 1.Products are generally packed in polylined HDPE bags with polyline liner containing 25/50 kg of products.
  • 2.Some of the high value product s can also be supplied in paper bags.
  • 3. Bulk quantity products can also be supplied in 1 ton jumbo bags.

For other details like samples, price etc. please contact :

Marketing Department (Spl. Products Marketing ), Nalco, Nalco Bhawan, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar – 751061, Orissa, India. Tel.:0674 2300533 , Fax: 0674 2300580.