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Special Measures

  • Detailed studies for EIA and EMP at all units and expansion projects, along with regular periodical assessment.
  • Studies on effect of blasting on ground water table at bauxite Mines.
  • Studies on water quality and water flow to assess the impact of mining on the perennial springs below.
  • Eco-genetic recourses survey at Panchpatmali Mines.
  • Vegetation survey around Damanjodi.
  • Biological monitoring of fluoride around smelter to assess the impact on vegetation and bovine population.
  • Epidemiological survey to investigate the fluoride impact on human beings around Smelter.
  • Scientific green belt development around all the units.
  • Socio-economic development and attitudinal survey at Damanjodi.
  • Industrial hygiene survey in all units.
  • Risk analysis and Disaster Management Plan.