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Synthetic Detergent Grade Zeolites (Sodium Alumino Silicates), which are similar to natural minerals, were found to be highly effective builders. Given their function, effectiveness and their safe ecological properties, synthetic Zeolites have been accepted as environmentally compatible builders.

Advantages of Zeolite-A

Average particle size 4 micron and maximum size not exceeding 20 micron of Zeolite-A has made it suitable to pass through the mesh size of clothes, preventing greying thereby.

NALCO’s Zeolite-A

Nalco’s detergent grade Zeolite plant is based on indigenous technology developed by M/s CSMCRI, Bhavnagar licensed through NRDC. Production of Zeolite-A directly in the loop of NALCO’s Alumina Refinery, based on Sodium Aluminate Liquor as the main feed stock. Zeolite-A Plant is located adjacent to Refinery Complex of NALCO at Damanjodi. Product quality: Specification of NALCOs Zeolite-A (Data Sheet) is at par with International Standards.

  • Due to cubical shape with rounded corners and edges, Zeolite-A crystals do not remain on fabrics and are easily removed on rinsing.
  • The unwanted water soluble dirt molecules are absorbed on Zeolite particles.
  • It coagulates the colloidal dirt and pigments causing easy removal.
  • The presence of Zeolite-A does not interfere with the bio-degradation of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates (LABS).
  • Zeolite-A particles tend to form aggregate with other sewage constituents and are largely eliminated in the pre-sedimentation of sewage treatment.
  • Zeolite-A is formulated in detergents to the extent of 25-30%.



Parameters Value
1. Calcium binding capacity
mg CaO/gm of dry Zeolite
Min. 160
2. Particle size analysis
a) % finer than 4.5 mic. (Sedigraph)
b)Avg. particle size, d50(Sedigraph)
85+ 10
Not more than 4 micron
3. pH (5% slurry) 11 + 0.5
4. Mole composition(based on chemical analysis) 1.0 + 0.2 Na2O
1.0 Al2O3
1.85+ 0.5 SiO2
6.0 (Max.) H2O
5. Bulk density, gm/cc 0.45 + 0.1
6. Crystallinity
(X-ray diffraction)
(as compared with 4 A BDH powder)
Min. 90%
7. Whiteness index Min. 95%

Zeolite-A is generally packed in 20/50 kg HDPE lined bags or 1 MT jumbo bags