Nalco Sets New Records In Production And Sales, Achieves Highest-ever Aluminium & Bauxite Production In Fy 23-24

NALCO Corporate Office
Shri Sridhar Patra CMD NALCO
Performance Highlights

  • Highest-ever Cast Metal production of 4,63,428 Metric Tonnes
  • Highest-ever Metal Sale of 4,70,108 Metric Tonnes
  • Highest ever Bauxite Excavation of 76,00,230 Metric Tonnes
  • Development & Production at peak rated capacity of 2 million tonnes of Coal from Utkal D coal block

Bhubaneswar, 02.04.2024: National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), the flagship Navratna CPSE under Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India, and country’s leading manufacturer and exporter of alumina and aluminium has created new records in production and sales for the year 2023-24.

The company has achieved the highest-ever Cast Metal production of 4,63,428 Metric Tonnes, highest-ever Bauxite Excavation of 76,00,230 Metric Tonnes and Highest-ever Metal Sale of 4,70,108 Metric Tonnes, surpassing all previous records since inception. In FY 23-24, the company has also added a new Aluminium Alloy Ingot (AL-59) to its product range.

Achieving 101.15 % capacity utilization, NALCO’s Alumina Refinery has produced 21,24,000 Metric Tonnes of Alumina Hydrate, while the Captive Power Plant has generated a gross 7193.62 million units of power. Worth mentioning that in FY 23-24, NALCO has developed & operationalized its Utkal D coal block and has also produced 2 million tonnes of Coal, which is the peak rated capacity of the mine

Shri Sridhar Patra, CMD, NALCO, said that the company has always striven to do better than the previous set benchmarks. Expressing his gratitude for significant achievements, he congratulated the NALCO collective and the stakeholders. Acknowledging the dedication and hard work of the employees and cooperation received from various stakeholders, he said that many major milestones have been achieved by way of backward integration and securitization of raw materials and energy in the past four years.