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National Seminar on Secretarial Standards


Bhubaneswar: 18/09/2015:  “All the decisions taken at Board-level meetings get recorded, as part of good governance. But no accountability is ever fixed or recorded on the repercussions of delayed decisions or no decisions,” says Shri T.K. Chand, CMD, NALCO. He was addressing the company secretaries at a national seminar on Secretarial Standards, organized by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), at Bhubaneswar today.

“Delayed decisions have serious financial implications, besides impacting the overall morale of the company. So, the company secretaries as part of secretarial standards should record such decisions that could not be formalized in meetings of Board of Directors and General Meetings, adversely affecting the company’s performance,” Shri Chand said. While lauding the role of company secretaries, he added that secretarial standards are an integral part of corporate governance and its proper implementation inspires credibility of Board functions and helps investors for staying with and investing in the company.

Among others, CS Atul Mehta, President ICSI, CS Mamta Binani, Vice-President, ICSI and CS Pawan Kumar Vijay, former President ICSI, were notably present at the inaugural session.